Apsara Cuff - Khmer Creations
Apsara Cuff - Khmer Creations
Apsara Cuff - Khmer Creations
Apsara Cuff - Khmer Creations

Apsara Cuff

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An Apsara is a female spirit of the clouds and waters in Hindu culture. The dancing female figures adorn the walls of 8th–13th century Angkorian temples in Cambodia. Apsaras are said to be able to change their shape at will and are sometimes compared to the muses of ancient Greece.

Let our interpretation of the traditional apsara dress change your outfit. Part of our new Berlin Collection, this bold cuff uses recycled off-cuts of leather rolled into textured pillars. Perfect match to our Aprasa Necklace.

The Berlin Collection:

Our Berlin Collection is inspired by using raw materials and textiles found in Cambodia. In this collection, we use sustainable raw materials and textiles and each piece uses second-hand or up-cycled materials such as leftover silk thread from silk weavers, metal washers from the market and leather off-cuts from cobblers. 

This collection was created as part of a design competition run through the Modern Ethnic Designing Centre.  Their goal was to mentor young Cambodian designers and encourage the use of sustainable raw materials and textiles that can be found locally in Cambodia.

Our Managing Director and Senior Designer, Samnang, designed this collection and was selected as one of five winners to join a design exhibition in Berlin in 2017. This new collection is an expression of Samnang's initiative and creativity. It was an amazing achievement being selected to showcase our designs in Berlin, and that is the reason we have decided to name the collection after such a wonderful experience.

The designs in the Berlin Collection are bold statement pieces that can be worn for everyday wear or special occasions. We hope you love them as much as we do!


Materials: Leather offcuts, leather cord, gold findings.

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