Spoon Full of Buttons Earrings

$15.00 $20.00

Stainless steel spoons have been re-fashioned into something a little more sumptuous for your wearing pleasure. A spoon full of buttons in each ear will catch everyone's eye at the dinner table.

The ends of each of the upcycled stainless steel spoons is cut off with a fine jewellery saw and tiny holes are drilled to attach recycled buttons and sterling silver earring hooks.

The buttons are collected from tailors and clothing recycling depots and carefully sorted to find matching pairs. Colours vary depending on the buttons collected. If you would like us to surprise you with the latest colours, then let us choose. If not, at the check out, request a colour in the comments section.

Materials: Stainless steel spoons, plastic recycled buttons, handmade 92.5% sterling silver earring hooks.

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