The quest for the best ethical black cardie begins April 13 2017, 0 Comments

One thing I can’t live without is a black cardigan (or three). Sometimes I wonder if I am cold blooded because I can be at the beach, in the sun with the lightest breeze and be cold. Cue, black cardigan. Out on a Spring evening, finally sporting some strappy number after a long and dark Canberra winter, cool breeze… cue, black cardie again.

So, to the point. I need a new black cardigan as I seem to have misplaced mine (missing in action following a work function). As Canberra gets cold earlier than most places in Australia, I don’t have much time to op-shop around. So instead, in keeping with commitment number 1, I need to find an ethically-made and super-stylish cardie, stat!

Any suggestions?

Animal Print Cardigans but no black

Many cardigans, but no black. What is a girl to do?