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Social business of the month October 05 2014, 0 Comments

Why we love Skateistan Cambodia

 Skateistan is the first international development initiative to combine skateboarding with educational outcomes (why has this not been done before!). Skateistan is non-political, independent and inclusive of all ethnicities, religions and social backgrounds.I have never successfully ridden a skateboard, and to be honest, I am petrified of trying. But Skateistan is bringing amazing opportunities to young people in Afghanistan and Cambodia through skateboarding.

Why we love Cambodia Knits! July 07 2014, 0 Comments

Every month we will introduce you to one of our favourite social businesses from Cambodia and around the world. To get things started, let us tell you why we love Cambodia Knits!


Cambodia Knits is a social enterprise working with marginalized communities in and near Phnom Penh. Apart from having an awesome ethical business model, here are a few more reasons why we love Cambodia Knits:

  • We adore the crazy and lovable little creatures that Cambodia Knits create!
  • They use vibrant colours and high quality materials to knit and crochet gorgeous products.
  • They provide individuals, families and communities with training and sustainable and flexible employment.
  • They are empowering communities through ethical business.
  • Oh, and one more thing; in 2013, Cambodia Knits and Khmer Creations Jewellery Studio combined powers to open a brand new fair trade store in Phnom Penh – Cambodian Creations!
Cambodia Knits Magnet ToysCheck out the Cambodia Knits website or, if you are in Cambodia, visit our shop Cambodian Creations – House 116, Street 113, just outside Toul Sleng Museum