Our fav jewellery storage ideas July 14 2016, 4 Comments

Too much jewellery – is there such a thing? It's a wonder that this question isn't at the heart of more philosophical debates. The only reasonable conclusion for it's absence in erudite thought is that the answer is so simple... NEVER! Not enough space to store it all, now that's a problem!

Here are five of our favourite jewellery storage ideas – some DIY and some ready-made.

1. If your collection keeps on growing:

Stackers jewellery boxes: I love my Stackers jewellery box because I can keep buying more jewellery. You can start small and add stackable boxes as your collection increases. They have a great variety of boxes for all sizes of jewellery. It also keeps your dresser tidy and your jewellery dust free. Check them out here.

2. If you like the earthy side of life:

DIY Pebble hanger: A super easy but stylish idea. Buy or find some pebbles and stick them to your wall. 3M removable stickers would work so well with this idea. Want some more instructions? Read this article on the Find a Way by JWP Blog

3. If you want to hang it on the wall or tuck it away:

Coat hanger: Not sure you want to display your jewellery for all the world to see? Maybe tuck it in your wardrobe on a customised jewellery hanger. Keep in mind, this is one less hanging space for clothes… But this hanger also makes some nice decorative wall art, which keeps shopping options open. Check out the Eleven Magnolia Lane Blog to get some DIY tips.

4. If you hate dust but want to use your jewellery as a piece of art:

Hanging bottles: These little gems are such a great idea! I stumbled across these on Pinterest and unfortunately they are no longer for sale from their Etsy creator but you can buy the bottles online and add your own cup hooks to the cork stopper. Voila, a modern jewellery box and a piece of art.

5. If you’re a shabby chic kinda lady:

Door knob hanger: There are some great ready-made options on Etsy or you can make a day of it, grab a coffee, put on your best antiquing shoes and scour your local op shops and antique stores to find some awesome decorative door knobs of your own.

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