Alternatives to burying your scarves at the bottom of the wardrobe September 25 2016, 0 Comments

I have a tonne (well at least kilos) of scarves that I have collected from my travels or have been given as lovely gifts. Every time I wear one I feel a little bit fancy. It will remind me of the person who gave it to me, or the place I bought it. I feel like the extra bit of care I took to choose the right scarf has paid off and I am strutting my stuff. And there are so many styles, boho chic to rock-a-billy sweet, via legally blonde power boss.

But, sometimes I can be pretty lazy, and forgetful. Put these together and it means I hardly ever wear my scarves because they are in a basket at the bottom of the coat cupboard. It would involve me 1) remembering to put one on and 2) being bothered to dig through the basket to find the right one.

I have decided this can go on no longer. An outfit without a scarf is no outfit at all. Cue Pinterest search for the best/easiest/most convenient scarf storage ideas!

There were some gorgeous ideas; ones that displayed the scarves, neatly tied onto lovely timber ladders or fancy stands. But, given what you know about me from above, that is not going to work. To tie the scarf on at the end of the day, pffft, too much effort. I know the lovely ladder stand will end up hidden under a pile of scarves…

But I came across some super ideas and I wanted to share my top five. 

  1. Pegs by Sally Ann K

A little bit more interesting than plain old hooks.

  1. Coat hanger and shower curtain rings - From the Desk

No explanation needed – this one is straight forward and simply good. You could even wrap the rings in fabric or yarn bomb them!

  1. Pretty

No DIY required – just pretty

  1. Tin Can Storage - Projectophile

Tin can genius. Just watch those edges on your precious scarves and hands – a Milo or coffee tin would be perfect. Be careful though, googling tin can storage can lead you down a very long storage loop.

  1. Crate holder – Rain on a tin roof

Love this idea. Also great for belts and ties. Does require a little more room and possible wall fixtures.


P.S Have you seen our awesome scarves? Check them out here and add one to your new storage idea.