Changing my shopping habits - keep me on the wagon March 31 2017, 0 Comments

Ok, I am putting it out there. By publicly committing, I will be held accountable.

I am committing to the following things to change my ethical fashion habits in 2017

  1. Only buy second hand or ethically made: Good On You and similar apps are life savers when it comes to shopping ethically, and in the last few months I have been finding some gorgeous, quality, stylish brands. By checking the ins and outs of a brand before you buy, you can make an informed choice. In terms of buying second hand, who doesn’t love rummaging through vintage stores? Signing up to local clothes-swap sites and prowling Instagram for fashionable second hands will be my new past time.
  2. Mending my own clothes or “amending” my clothes to spice things up in my wardrobe: My Grandma and my Mum taught me how to sew when I was a tiny chick. I inherited my Grandma’s sewing machine and have been known to convert an old formal dress into a cocktail skirt or run up a ball gown from sequin table runners, but I really don’t use this skill enough. This year is the year of mending and creating!
  3. Develop my style: I have always liked dressing however I want, but every now and then I am drawn-in by the desire to be on-trend and hip. I’m in my *cough* 30-somethings now. I am going to own my style and embrace my individual fashion sense.
  4. Choose quality over quantity: Less is more and this year I plan to buy less, but spend more on quality ethical fashion.

I plan to share the ups and downs of these commitments. Hopefully, inspiring others to think about their shopping habits. Even small changes will make a difference. Keep me posted on how you go and let me know if you are making any changes in your fashion habits.

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Getting the journey started with my first clothes swap of 2017!

Getting the journey started with the first clothes swap of 2017