Berlin Collection July 27 2018, 0 Comments

Berlin Collection Apsara Necklace

Our Berlin Collection is inspired by using raw materials and textiles that we can find in Cambodia. This new collection follows the theme of many of Khmer Creations’ other collections that also use raw materials such as washers and cutlery. This process of creation wasn’t new for us but we had to create and find new materials to create new designs. For this collection, we use sustainable raw materials and textiles that we can find around us, in Phnom Penh. Each piece uses second-hand or up-cycled materials such as leftover silk thread from traditional Khmer weavers metal washers from the local market and leather off-cuts from local shoemaking shops.


This collection was designed as part of a design competition run through the Modern Ethnic Designing Center. Their goal was to mentor young Cambodian designers and encourage the use of sustainable raw materials and textiles which we can find in Cambodia. We used our skills to demonstrate innovative designs, which can be worn for everyday wear but also for special occasions.


Berlin Collection Ocean Shadow

This collection was selected to join a design exhibition in Berlin in November 2017. Samnang, our Managing Director, went to Berlin to present the new designs. This new collection is an expression of Samnang’s initiative and creativity. It was an amazing achievement being selected to showcase our designs in Berlin, and that is the reason we have decided to name the collection after such a wonderful experience.


The designs in the Berlin Collection are bold statement pieces. We hope you love them as much as we do! ♥
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