Animal print joy April 22 2017, 0 Comments

I LOVE a good animal print. Normally, I go for leopard print, no question. But when I found this little gem while shopping Phnom Penh’s ethical fashion destination, Street 240, I was joyful, to say the least. The Watthan shop is just down the road from Khmer Creations’ new boutique, Cambodian Creations (on Street 240 and a ½), which I had spent the morning working in. After a day of meeting new customers, styling, and re-stocking, I decided to take a stroll down Street 240 and do some shopping.

Animal print close up

This was the last one in my size. It has actual animals on it – cute, random selection of animals: lions, rabbits and horses with wings (a Pegasus, right? What’s the plural here – Pegasuses, Pegasai, Pegasees?)

And, bonus, it’s recycled vintage fabric, handmade by an amazing social enterprise called Watthan Artisans Cambodia. Classic Style, vintage fabric, ethically made. Winning! 


Animal print picture with Jane